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Consider the value of each skill level before you decide how much to invest in newborn and family photography. This article covers everything you need to know about investing in a newborn and family photographer.

Why Does The Price Range Of Photographers Vary?

Photographers’ prices vary based on many different factors. Experience, client experience, and overall business sustainability are a few factors that indicate a price difference. Simply put, different budgets offer different experiences. In this article, I will go over what type of service you will receive and how much to invest in a newborn and family photography, and the value of working with a beginner versus a professional photographer.  

Consider WHAT You Value and HOW MUCH it Matters

The little things matter when you invest in newborn and family photography. Some qualifications may not seem important now, but they can greatly improve your session. Ask yourself what needs your family has and how important it is that your photographer has those qualifications. 

For example, how important is it that your photographer has these qualifications:

  • Has experience working with newborns, toddlers, and young children and is someone who can keep the energy up during your session
  • Has expertise in posing postpartum mothers and helping them feel beautiful
  • Provides wardrobe and styling consultations
  • Coordinates hair and makeup for every session
  • Provides a stress-free experience and pampers you
  • Has experience in custom printing and framing services
  • Provides a timeless and luxurious style that will not go out of style
  • Runs a sustainable business 
  • Is a mother herself and understands the unique challenges of motherhood and photo sessions with little ones
  • Delivers a gorgeous gallery wall of photographs and can create a cohesive style
  • Can deliver a tangible heirloom after your session that you can treasure for years and even pass down to your little ones.

Family and newborn photographs can be stressful events that feel like something you have to get through. When it comes time to work with a professional photographer, it’s important to consider what peace of mind is worth to you!

What is the Real Cost of a Photographer

Beginner 0-200

All photographers once started as beginners! Choosing a new photographer does come with drawbacks. This photographer is probably new to the art of photography and is still exploring their style.. Usually, a beginner photographer will have a year or less under their belt. 

What to expect from a brand-new photographer:

  • A beginner photographer typically will not have a cohesive look established, and the images may feel very distracting and may not have a cohesive style
  • You will likely be responsible for the wardrobe for your family and will not be provided with much guidance when it comes to styling
  • New photographers charge a flat rate and will provide you with a large gallery of images leaving you feeling overwhelmed without guidance on how to create anything tangible from your session
  • Lastly, new photographers likely do not have a ton of experience with posing or working with families and small children. This lack of experience can impact the session’s timing and the family’s stress levels. A brand-new photographer may work best for families who need a few photos done quickly
Amateur 200-400

Although amateur photographers are not new to photography, they still have a lot to learn and are still getting comfortable in their niches. 

The experience you might have investing in an amateur photographer: 

  • The session price includes the digital images and nothing else
  • The photographer has likely learned some tips on soothing babies and getting toddlers’ attention. However, the photographer may still be stiff, which will carry over to your photograph
  • The photographer is likely still working part-time at another job which may not allow them to provide a high-touch client experience for you which will leave you to take care of the details such as wardrobe, hair and makeup, and high-quality artwork
Beginner Professional 600-1000

Beginner professional photographers turn their hobby into a business and may be developing their business model. They have found their niche and established what makes their business unique.

When you invest in beginner professional photographers, you may get this experience:

  • Beginners often have an established brand and style and work on this full-time. They are also likely overbooked to meet their business financial goals
  • They may have a session fee in addition to their digital files cost as they’re learning to value their time more
  • At this point, they are making more connections and may have returning clients. 
  • Beginners likely have a cohesive style. They may or may not have studio space and are likely to offer wardrobe consultations or a limited client wardrobe
  • Beginner photographers can photograph a session in two hours or less, including the time it takes to soothe a fussy baby or feed/change. This photographer would be ideal for a client looking for newborn photos on a limited budget
Professional: 1500-5000+

A professional photographer will have a defined luxury brand that creates timeless photographs for you and your family. This luxury experience takes all the stressors off your plate. 

  • Every detail will be taken care of, including wardrobe, hair and makeup, printing, and framing
  • Professional photographers will understand how to work in various locations, both in and outdoors
  • Professional photographers will focus on authentic moments with your family
  • Managing time and the overall session will come quickly to them
  • Being able to soothe children and newborns will be second-hand thinking for them
Read to learn how to choose a photographer.
How Much To Invest in Newborn and Family Photography

What Influences a Photographer’s Price?

  • The number of years the photographer has worked in the field
  • Knowledge in running a sustainable and profitable business and creating long-lasting relationships with each client
  • The business costs, such as marketing materials, and editing software
  • The quality of the product that the photographer offers. One photographer may only offer photos in a digital link. However, there is nothing like holding a tangible heirloom that you can cherish forever!
  • The services the photographer provides vary. Photographers with experience will  include wardrobe consultations, a client wardrobe, hair and makeup, and various artwork selections (fine art custom frames, heirloom albums, matted prints, birth announcements, etc.)
  • The number of clients a photographer works with. Think high volume with little time to devote to each client vs. low volume and able to provide full, luxury services
How Much To Invest in Newborn and Family Photography
How Much To Invest in Newborn and Family Photography

How Can One Photographer Charge More Than Others?

It can be difficult when you are thinking about how much to invest in newborn and family photography. After all, there is no redo since those tiny toes and dimples only last for so long!  So I hope this article has offered you some additional information about the different levels of photography and what each experience level has to offer. Please contact me with any additional questions or comment below!


About Tara Federico Photography: 

How Much To Invest in Newborn and Family Photography

Tara Federico Photography is a South Jersey Photographer who specializes in lifestyle maternity, newborn, and family photography and helps busy moms receive timeless heirloom artwork. Using light wardrobe colors and natural light, Tara Federico captures every stage of motherhood. Whether it’s at your own home or Tara’s Haddonfield, NJ studio, Tara provides hair, makeup, and a client wardrobe for a luxury experience. Tara Federico Photography aims to provide a stress-free session for new parents so they can focus on the connection to their family.


How Much To Invest in Newborn and Family Photography

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Welcome to the enchanting world of studio newborn sessions in South Jersey! Capturing those precious early moments with a professional photographer is an experience you won’t want to miss. Booking a studio newborn session in South Jersey offers a host of benefits that ensure stunning results. In this blog post, we’ll explore four compelling reasons why you should choose a studio session for your growing family. From a full wardrobe for mom and kids to beautiful natural light, on-location hair and makeup services, and the opportunity to select exquisite heirloom artwork, our studio provides an exceptional experience that captures memories meant to last a lifetime. Discover the joy of creating timeless portraits filled with love, warmth, and elegance. Contact us today and let the magic begin!

Studio Newborn Session South Jersey

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Consider the value of each skill level before you decide how much to invest in newborn and family photography. This article covers everything you need to know about investing in a newborn and family photographer. Why Does The Price Range Of Photographers Vary? Photographers’ prices vary based on many different factors. Experience, client experience, and […]

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