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Choosing a South Jersey newborn photographer to create once-in-a-lifetime photographs is difficult. This guide will help find a newborn photographer you trust who can provide a luxury experience.

When choosing a South Jersey newborn photographer, there are so many things to consider. This photographer will be there through such a special moment in your life, and since you will only do this for a finite amount of times, it’s important to choose your newborn photographer carefully! Ideally, you want this artwork to last you a lifetime so finding an experienced, trustworthy photographer is essential. 

When I had newborn photos taken with my son, Luca, I was full of excitement which was sadly followed by disappointment. Although I love looking at the portraits of my sweet son, I also look back at those photos and see the distracting and definitely not timeless outfits I chose. Even worse, years after that newborn session, I never framed any photographs or bought an album! I don’t want that to be your story, and that’s why it’s so important to find a photographer that fits your family’s needs!  When it comes to choosing a newborn photographer, make sure you do your research and plan your session with care. Discussing photography styles, wardrobe, and when to book your session are key topics when searching for a photographer.

Below, you can read about a few more things you should consider before choosing a South Jersey newborn photographer.

The Experience

Each South Jersey newborn photographer offers a different experience and since this artwork will last a lifetime, it’s important to consider different experiences. From posing, editing, framing, album design, hair and makeup, and wardrobe, I’ve got you covered. Continue reading to see which experience is the right fit for you.

Experience A: (Most South Jersey Newborn Photographers)

After you find a photographer, pay them, and start shopping for your family’s wardrobe you may start to feel overwhelmed. This experience only happens once and you want the best for your family. Right? 

So, after shopping for your family’s wardrobe you want to feel confident in your choices. Sadly, after many returns later, you could be left feeling unsure of your wardrobe choices. Do they fit right? Are they cohesive? Ultimately, you decide to go with t-shirts and jeans. 

On the day of your session, you feel rushed, overtired, and filled with  ‘mom brain’; definitely not how you should feel on this special day. After getting everyone dressed and ready, you realize you still have to shower and get yourself camera ready! 

When your photo shoot is over you wait in anticipation to see your gorgeous photos, you click the link..  but now what?! Now, in addition to being postpartum, you have to find someone to print and frame your photographs. Then, you need to find out what sizes fit that gallery wall you’ve been dreaming of for years. And this is all while you’re keeping your kids safe. 

After this experience, most of the photos will unfortunately never make it to your wall. Instead, they will end up in a file, on your computer. 

Experience B:  Stress-Free, Luxury Newborn Photographer in South Jersey 

You meet with your photographer and commission them to take gorgeous photos of you and your newborn. Next, your photographer provides you with a luxury, wardrobe planning session. During this session, your children and you will be styled from the client wardrobe. At this appointment, you can further discuss location and artwork preferences. With this luxury experience, there’s no need to spend your time shopping, or returning clothes that don’t fit.  Even better, the money and time you would have spent on clothing can now go towards investing in that gorgeous heirloom album or gallery wall you’ve been dreaming of for years! 

On the day of the session, the hair and makeup artist will come to the shooting location to get you all glammed up while you cuddle with your newborn.  Your photographer will have you and your little one’s wardrobe waiting for you, (this means no steaming or ironing the night before!) This experience is created so all you have to do is arrive at your session with your little ones. 

Two weeks after your session you will meet with your photographer to select the perfect images and artwork to display in your home. At your ordering session, you will select from heirloom linen or velvet albums, stunning wood molding frames, and fine art matted prints. Not to mention, your photographer can even digitally mock up what your very own gallery wall would look like! Six to ten weeks later, your gorgeous heirloom artwork will be ready to pick up and enjoy for years to come. Better yet, these images will end up on your walls, not in a file on your computer. 

Posing and Shooting Style

Looking through the endless inspiration of newborn photographs you can see there are so many options when it comes to posing your little one. Lifestyle & baby-led posing are a big part of newborn photography. During your search, you will find distinct differences between posing styles and how it affects your vision.  Once you narrow your search this will help find a photographer that aligns with your family and their vision. 


The first style is the photographer who utilizes posing bean bags. This style revolves around your sleeping baby being posed in various positions, sometimes using props/buckets. This is not my preferred posing style since I like to create organic poses for your baby. Though, many photographers can deliver a perfect photo with this style. If you decide to find a photographer who concentrates on posed newborn photography, be sure to find someone who has training in safety measures. 


Natural light newborn session with mom holding baby and baby snuggled in a Moses Basket with a white swaddle.

Lifestyle photographers will create beautiful images of you and your baby, typically with your baby sleeping in natural positions while wrapped in a swaddle. Lifestyle photography involves the whole family in the session. During the session, you will likely be positioned on a bed snuggled up with your baby. Your baby can also be placed in a moses basket or lying on the bed, or in your arms. This style is very intimate and sweet and focuses more on the relationship between all family members. Some examples of this style are below.

Editing Style

 Just like posing styles, there are a few main editing styles to consider when it comes to the way photographers edit their imagery: light & airy, natural, timeless, moody, colorful, and contrasty. Remembering your vision and how you want your family photographed will help to find which editing style truly speaks to you, since you will be treasuring these photographs for years to come. For me, that means creating timeless imagery for you and your family to share that will bring back the memories of your session day. 


In addition to editing styles, your wardrobe sets the tone for your session, so communication is key to ensure your photographer can execute that style. However, it can be very overwhelming to plan a cohesive wardrobe especially if you have a large family! Some studios, like ours, provide a client wardrobe for moms and children and even hair and makeup. Using the client wardrobe allows you to show up as you are to the shoot with zero stress!

Business Practices of a Trustworthy Photographer in South Jersey

Creating a  gallery wall is something that many people dream of when growing their family. However, there is nothing worse than an incohesive gallery wall. Right? 

While there are many talented newborn photographers, it’s important to choose an established photographer. In addition, you want a photographer who will be around to document all of your family’s important milestones. Using a new photographer with little experience can lead to mismatched work. Utilizing a photographer who lacks experience could mean they cannot sustain the business end of photography. Choosing a South Jersey newborn photographer who is talented and established is essential so you can have your cohesive gallery wall filled with smiles. 

When to Book Your South Jersey Newborn Photographer

After reading this article, you might ask, ‘when should I book my newborn session?’ Most clients usually contact me during their second trimester and schedule their session in the first two weeks of their newborns’ life.  If you are an expecting mother and you want to enjoy a full-service, luxury experience, contact me today to discuss your vision and see if we’re a good fit! 

About Tara Federico Photography

Tara Federico Photography specializes in lifestyle photography and helps busy moms receive timeless heirloom artwork. By using light wardrobe colors and natural light, Tara Federico captures both your family and your newborn. Whether it’s at home or Tara’s Haddonfield studio; Tara provides hair, makeup, and a client wardrobe for a luxury experience. Tara Federico Photography aims to provide a stress-free session for new parents so they can focus on the arrival of their newborn.


How to choose a the best South Jersey Newborn Photographer

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