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As your little one’s first year whirls by with the first laughs, steps, and words, it’s almost time for a major milestone – their first birthday! Here at Tara Federico Photography in Haddonfield, NJ, we believe this calls for a celebration, and what better way to cherish this moment than with a sweet First Birthday Photoshoot?

family of 4 in a brightly lit studio photographed by Tara Federico

A Year of Growth, A Moment to Cherish:

sweet baby girl smiling big for her first birthday photoshoot by Tara Federico

It’s been a year of incredible growth, not just for your baby but for you as a family. You’ve navigated sleepless nights, celebrated the smallest achievements, and loved like never before. Now, as you approach this significant milestone, it’s the perfect time to pause and capture the joy of this moment with a First Birthday Photoshoot.

Why Choose a First Birthday Photoshoot?

A First Birthday Photoshoot isn’t just about cute photos; it’s about capturing the essence of your child’s personality and the love that surrounds them. It’s about remembering the way they scrunch their nose, their infectious giggle, and the way they look at you with pure love. These are the memories you’ll look back on, the ones that will bring a smile to your face years down the line.

Our First Year Membership – A Journey Together:

a collage of 4 images taken from maternity, newborn, 6 month milestone, and first birthday sessions captured by Tara Federico Photography

For those who are looking to capture every milestone of the first year of your baby’s life, our First Year Membership allows us to do just that! We will document your baby’s growth starting with a maternity session, followed by the newborn phase, the squishy and adorable six month milestone, and ending with their first birthday. It is always such an honor to witness and capture these moments, providing each family with a series of snapshots that beautifully narrate your baby’s first year.

The Magic of the First Birthday Photoshoot:

sweet baby girl sitting in a white wooden high chair diving into her birthday cake

In our Haddonfield, NJ studio, we create a warm, inviting atmosphere where your little one can be themselves. Whether it’s a whimsical cake smash or cozy portraits with the whole family, we tailor the session to fit your style and preferences. We understand that this time can feel bittersweet, as your baby moves from infancy into toddlerhood, and we aim to capture the magic and emotion of this transition.

Embracing the Chaos, Capturing the Love:

family of 4 helping their baby girl enjoy her smash cake in Tara Federico's downtown Haddonfield, NJ studio

We know that life with a little one can be unpredictable and sometimes messy, but that’s all part of the adventure. During our First Birthday Photoshoots, we embrace the chaos and focus on capturing the genuine moments of joy and love between you and your child. These authentic, unscripted moments often make for the most cherished photos.

Looking Ahead with Gratitude and Excitement:

big brother stands on his tip toes sneaking some icing from his baby sister's birthday cake photographed in Tara Federico's natural light studio

As we look forward to another year of milestones, giggles, and growth, we’re filled with gratitude for the families who have chosen to share their journey with us. Our hope for the coming year is to continue providing you with the highest quality images and timeless artwork that your family will treasure for generations.

Let’s Celebrate Together!

adorable red head baby girl wearing a bink bow in her hair as she enjoys her birthday cake during her First Birthday Photoshoot with Tara Federico Photography

As your little one’s first year draws to a heartfelt close, I warmly invite you to capture the culmination of countless firsts with a First Birthday Photoshoot. Picture this: a session filled with laughter, tender moments, and the unique personality of your baby shining through in every photo. Together, we’ll craft a celebration that not only marks this milestone but also echoes the love and joy of your family’s incredible journey.

If you’re feeling the flutter of excitement at the thought of preserving these precious memories, I encourage you to reach out. Let’s discuss how we can make your little one’s First Birthday Photoshoot as special and unique as they are.

Thank you for considering Tara Federico Photography to be part of your family’s story. Here’s to cherishing and celebrating every milestone — big, small, and everything in between. Your family’s journey is a beautiful one, and it would be my honor to help you capture its next chapter.

Tara Federico Photography is a South Jersey Newborn Photographer who specializes in lifestyle maternity, newborn, and family photography and helps busy families create timeless heirloom artwork. Using light wardrobe colors and natural light, Tara Federico captures every stage of motherhood. Whether it’s at your own home or Tara’s Haddonfield, NJ studio, Tara provides hair, makeup, and a client wardrobe for a luxury experience. Tara Federico Photography aims to provide a full service experience for new parents so they can focus on the connection to their family.

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