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When you’re planning family portraits, it’s crucial to find a place that offers a gorgeous backdrop without distracting too much from your crew. It can be a delicate line to walk, especially when you also have to consider lighting, accessibility, and traffic from other visitors. Luckily, you have a Mount Pleasant family photographer to help you navigate all of this!

As a full-service photographer, I am constantly finding brand new ways to help out my clients, whether it’s guiding them through outfits or working with them to decide on which works of art they want for their walls. If you could use some help deciding on the best South Carolina locations for your family session, I would love to offer you my list of favorite places I’ve discovered as a Mount Pleasant family photographer.

5 Favorite Session Locations Of Your Mount Pleasant Family Photographer

The Old Village in Mount Pleasant

Old Village Dr, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 29464

The Old Village in Mount Pleasant gives you a slice of small-town life while still keeping you near the city. This little gem is packed with things you can do with your family, which can be nice if you want to bribe uncooperative kiddos (no judgment here!). There are clothing boutiques, seafood restaurants, and waterfront views. You can also find ice cream shops and breweries (you deserve a treat, too). 

Mount Pleasant has so many spots with great backdrops for your pictures. The towering shady oak trees line the streets with white picket fences standing in front of picturesque homes. A rose-colored chapel provides arched windows and a clover entrance while the ocean runs alongside the town. Plus, there are old-fashioned businesses with original signage. Whether you’re looking for a small slice of Americana for engagement pics or want a nature-filled backdrop for your entire family, the Old Village is going to provide you with exactly what you need. 

A new mother in a blue dress cradles her smiling sleeping newborn baby daughter in a studio window taken by a mount pleasant family photographer

Creek Club at I’ON

44 Saturday Road, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 29464

There’s a reason why so many couples decide to tie the knot at Creek Club at I’ON. The venue has designed every corner of this space to look like a dream. The interior features tall ceilings with wooden beams, sage green accents, and brick fireplaces. There are open-air terraces with bistro lights as well as crystal chandeliers. And the outside is simply stunning. Follow the pier to the end, where you’ll find a quaint gazebo offering you a perfect lookout. 

On the other end of the property, you will find a bare wooden bridge stretching out over a tall marsh. This area is absolutely illuminated during a sunset. There are well-maintained fields with towering century-old trees. The exterior of the building also makes for a great backdrop with a sandy front, palm trees, and pastel blue paint. While the area is typically booked over the weekend for weddings, you can speak to them about arranging visits on weekdays. 

Pitt Street Bridge

100 Ann Edwards Lane, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 29464

If you’re looking for a sun-soaked ocean view, you need to check out the Pitt Street Bridge. While the bridge looks relatively unassuming, it’s packed with history. The area served as a dock during the Revolutionary War and found new uses throughout the Civil War. It has housed a trolley, seen the catch of some pretty big fish, and continues to serve as an area for a public park. 

The Pitt Street Bridge is pet-friendly and allows you to incorporate your four-legged family members into the portraits as long as they are on a leash. The wooden bridge works well for a couple’s portrait but is wide enough for the entire family. You can stand with your back toward the palms at the end of the bridge so you can get both the land and the sea in your pic. If you would prefer to stay all the way on the ground, you can get your picture taken in the palm-lined green fields. 

A mother and father sit on the edge of a bed cradling their sleeping newborn baby

Mount Pleasant Pier 

71 Harry Hallman Blvd., Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 29646

Mount Pleasant Pier is beautiful all day long, but it becomes positively electric as the sun sets. The waterfront property features walkways that weave around the property, ducking beneath the bridge and leading out to the water. There are cafes, fenced-off lookouts, food stands, and beloved fishing spots. Throughout the year, the area hosts concerts and other events. Not only is it the ideal spot to spend a day with the family, but it also provides one of my favorite backdrops around the city. 

The Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge peeks out majestically from nearly any angle, and from certain views, you can get a great view of the buildings across the water. While the spot may not offer quiet, nature-filled backgrounds like the other destinations, it is full of views that embrace the spirit of Charleston. Plus, you’ll have plenty of ways to unwind after your photo session wraps up. The cafes remain open until sunset, and you can enjoy your meal at the picnic table. 

Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens

1235 Long Point Road, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 29646

Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens is a significant site that is carefully designed to present an accurate view of history. The grounds feature descendants of the Gullah people who tell the story of the enslaved populations present in the 19th century. When you walk around the property, you’ll see land that has been preserved for centuries. There’s a feeling of quiet seclusion just a little outside the bustling streets of Charleston. 

The 783 acres offer no shortage of spaces for family portraits. Alleys of oak trees arch over fields while dirt roads take you from one end of the property to the other. While you’re there, you simply need to check out the gardens. During the warmer weather, the grounds become a vibrant explosion of color with antique rose species going back over 100 years ago. Wildflowers also appear with butterflies dancing near the petals. 

I Hope You Found Your Next Session Location With These Favorites From Your Mount Pleasant Family Photographer

With these Mount Pleasant family photographer session locations, you can have a serene backdrop that shows off your gorgeous family. And if you need the right photographer to capture these images, let’s chat! As a mom myself, I understand how stressful planning pictures can be, and I’m here to make it much simpler for you. If you would like to know more about my full-service portrait sessions, let’s have a conversation so you can decide if I’m the right photographer for you. Contact me today to find out more! 

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