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Let’s be honest. Hospital births are not exactly ideal for everyone. To begin with, you lose a lot of control over your delivery. All it takes is one rushed doctor for you to wind up receiving unnecessary birth interventions that can completely alter your experience. Plus, hospital births don’t offer a family-centered approach. If you have other kids, you have to find ways to keep them entertained throughout the appointments and arrange childcare for your delivery. If you need a better approach to your care, I would love to tell you about Charleston Birth Place. This birth center in Charleston SC is here to provide you with your dream delivery experience. 

A mother to be in a pink maternity dress stands on a beach at sunset holding her bump after visiting a birth center charleston sc

About Charleston Birth Place: A Fabulous Birth Center In Charleston SC

1300 Hospital Drive, Suite 270, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina 29646

The Charleston Birth Center is passionate about normalizing the birth experience rather than treating it like a medical emergency. The staff features a vast team of midwives, giving you the opportunity to find the one that’s right for you. The center is careful to select only low-risk births so they can ensure your family remains safe throughout the entire process. You can have a consultation with the team ahead of time to check to see if you’re a good candidate for an out-of-hospital delivery. The center itself offers you a modern and beautifully decorated space for your birth. Their goal is to ensure you feel right at home through every step of your care. 

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From the beginning of your pregnancy, the midwives at The Birth Place Birth Center in Charleston SC will offer you comprehensive assistance. Your provider treats your care as a partnership. Your appointments will feature wellness checks, but you’ll also receive an education. Additionally, your midwife will explain what’s happening with your baby right now and what you can expect through this stage of pregnancy. They will also start helping you make your birth plan and help you schedule some birth classes. By your due date, you will feel completely prepared for all that comes next. 

For your delivery, you’ll be placed in a private room with a large bed and a tub for some hydrotherapy if you’d like. You’re invited to move around as needed and use the birthing tools provided. Your partner will take an active role as a support person, and you’ll be invited to bring any other children for the journey. Following your delivery, you’ll stay for a few hours so you can focus on bonding with your baby. 

A mom to be in a pink dress sits on a beach dune at sunset holding her bump


The center offers a network of other birthing professionals through The Nest. You can find lactation consultants, pelvic floor physical therapists, and chiropractors. The midwives also offer a holistic approach to women’s general care and can handle your routine gynecological visits. 

You Should Enjoy Your Birth, So Check Out Charleston Birth Place As Your New Birth Center In Charleston SC

With The Birth Place, you can have the birth center In Charleston SC experience that’s right for you. Check them out today so you can decide if this will be the space for your delivery! 

While you’re making your birth plan, make sure you think about pictures! I’m a Charleston maternity photographer, and I adore working with families to help them preserve this wonderful time. If you’re looking for the right photographer to celebrate your family, I would love to have a conversation so you can decide if my style matches yours. Let’s chat soon!

A mom to be in a pink dress sits on a beach dune at sunset holding her bump


Charleston Birth Place | Top Birth Center In Charleston SC

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